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Glossary & FAQ

Dentistry - Branch of medicine dealing with the anatomy & Development & Diseases of teeth.

Crown work, Jacket crown, cap- Dental appliance consisting of an artificial crown, for a broken or decayed tooth. They can be metallic, Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) or All Ceramic crowns.

Filling - Process in which primarily dental cements are inserted into a prepared tooth cavity.

Impression- An imprint of teeth and supporting structures viz. gums

Occlusion- Normal spatial relation of teeth when jaws are closed

Bonding- Technique used for repairing a tooth-a resin based material is applied-which adheres to the tooth.

Bleeding gums

• Poor Oral Hygiene, viz. inadequate brushing, flossing and rinsing after meals-this results in accumulating of thin film of food on tooth surface-to which bacteria adhere-this causes gum inflammation and subsequent bleeding.

• Injury to gums- by sharp food items, by hard brushing, by using tooth-pick etc.

• ANUG – Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis- A rapidly spreading infection that damages the blood vessels of the gums.

• Deficiency of Vitamin C

• Systemic Blood disorders viz.

a. Allergic reaction

b. Increase in platelets

c. Failure in blood clotting

d. Leukemia

e. Drugs like asprin and anti-coagulants


 Long standing infections are treated by removal of the source bacteria, by a process called scaling, followed by proper oral hygiene regime.
Systemic diseases associated with gum bleeding need to be treated with proper medical intervention, viz. correction of bleeding disorders.

Teeth look longer than usual

- Occurs due to receding gums, may be associated with sensitivity

- Occurs commonly during old age.

Facts and Myths on Oral cancer

- Betel nuts tobacco chewers are more prone to oral cancer, although genetics, diet, environment and immune system also play a part.

- Several white and red lesions of the mouth caused by betel nut and tobacco chewing- will definitely improve if lesions are identified and habit is stopped in time.

- Pain is usually a late sign of oral cancer, but pain in the head and neck region should not be ignored.

- There are side effects to all form of Oral Cancer treatment.